Early Seek the Savior

Early Seek the Savior CD

26 Family favorites! Wonderful for singing along for the young and young at heart! All song lyrics are available for downloading (click here).

Brighten the Corner Where You Are • I Have the Joy • Climb Up Sunshine Mountain • Anywhere With Jesus • He Loves Me Too • Jesus Loves Even Me • Jesus Loves the Little Children • Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam • Jesus Loves Me • More About Jesus • Praise Him! Praise Him! • Missionary Band • Smile, Smile, Smile • 'Tis Loves That Makes Us Happy • Wonderful Words of Life • Dare to Be a Daniel • Do, Lord • In the Temple • I Will Early Seek the Savior • Jesus Bids Us Shine • Into My Heart • The Boat on Galilee • Tell Me the Stories of Jesus • All Through the Night • Brahms' Lullaby

Compact Disc MD8433