Dr. Calvin Taylor Presents

Holy Scripture ~ Alive With Sounds of Music

Dr. Calvin Taylor has prepared a unique forty-five minute sermon in songs featuring beautiful scripture passages followed by moving piano solos and congregational singing. This inspiring worship has been presented in hundreds of churches across America.

“Calvin Taylor's music and message from the Scriptures were truly an inspiration and introduction to grow in our awareness of the many ways we can worship the Living God. His presence and music worked wonderfully in our morning worship setting. His piano arrangements were a celebrative conclusion to his reading of the Good News from the Holy Scriptures. He is particularly effective in having the congregation participate in worship. We praise the Lord always for his charming and inspirational music. His popularity will remain with us as we look forward to his coming again to our church.”

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

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Calvin Taylor in Concert

Oklahoma City

The evening concert format is a more formal presentation, bringing new meaning to the word “concert.” With an unusually large hand span of over 1 1/2 octaves, Calvin Taylor presents sounds and colors which would normally require four hands. Beloved hymns, well-known spirituals, classics, and patriotic music take on new significance through the artistry of Calvin's improvisations. Program duration is seventy-five minutes.

"I opted to forget my Sunday nap to attend an afternoon gospel music concert that featured pianist Calvin Taylor at Lubbock's First Presbyterian Church. What a wise choice I made.  

"Taylor has been in fulltime music ministry more than 35 years, touring the world as a performer, arranger, and composer. 'Why hymns?' he was asked. 'No other music provokes such a powerful effect on people', he said.
"I came home with four of his albums, a great antidote to the insanity sweeping our world."

Beth Pratt, religion editor from 
The Avalanche-Journal

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Dr. Taylor

Printed Music

Dr. Calvin Taylor has arranged many sacred hymns and spirituals for piano performance, as well as masterpieces for organ, orchestra, and choir. Well-known publications by Dr. Taylor include Spirituals for Piano, The Patriotic Piano, Spiritual Suite for Organ, Grand Spirituals Collection, Resounding Piano Praise!, and Five Spirituals for Organ. He is also the author of the hymns Perfect Peace and Sing Noel.

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Calvin Taylor has recorded original compositions for orchestra and organ, and beautifully arranged spirituals and hymns for piano. 

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Calvin Taylor Foundation

The Calvin Taylor Foundation makes it possible to provide musical presentations for people in various living and housing situations which would not normally be able to sponsor or host a special musical event. You can have an active part in making this mission possible. Read More