Pastors' Comments

 on Dr. Taylor's Holy Scripture ~ Alive with Sounds of Music:

“Deeply stirring . . . A wonderful morning of worship . . . Our people just raved on and on . . .

Held our Annual Conference spellbound . . . Very meaningful and appropriate ministry . . .

You use your gifts and graces in a fine manner . . . Superb . . . Your music touches deep places in the soul . . . 

The service exceeded our expectations. You touched hearts, stirred memories of early faith

experiences, and lifted our spirits. We could not have asked for more . . .

You truly served among us, glorified our God, and edified us as your fellow-believers. 

Thank you so much for coming!”


“Our attendance was up, people's comments were affirming, and the Spirit was alive in the gift of your music.” Church of the Savior United Methodist Church - Ohio

“It is easy to see God at work in your ministry. There is no earthly reward to match such a dedicated and mile-intensive life.” Congress Street United Methodist Church - Indiana

“I've heard nothing but positive comments on your program. People felt that your scripture-music format was very inspiring and fit perfectly into the style of worship that we are accustomed to here. The variety of musical selections had something to offer everyone.” Advent United Methodist Church - South Carolina

“I cannot adequately express the response of our people to your talent and spirituality. Many people were deeply moved.” United Methodist Church - Clarkston, Michigan

“What an art to blend the message of song with a virtuoso performance.” United Methodist Church - Fallbrook, California

“I want to send our appreciation for blessing our congregation with your marvelous piano music. Even the children were “spellbound.” We all hungrily devoured delicious treats of music which many had seldom heard before. I know we left filled with worship and music from your heart to ours.” Community Baptist Church - California

“The congregation was thrilled by your musical gift. Our Lord was certainly glorified by the concert.” Baptist Church - Lake Isabella, California

“What immediately captivated me was your sensitive, total use of the instrument's capabilities. Your background as arranger and composer was brilliantly manifested as you transported your audience into a variety of keys, tonalities, and moods.” Community Baptist Church - Manhattan Beach, California

“Your technical skills were evident from the beginning, but the aspect which made the music so enjoyable was Calvin's ability to improvise. The Lord used the traditional hymns to minister to my heart.” First Baptist - Galion, Ohio

“It has been a delight for me to work with you and I look forward to our continued association. I have felt the impact of your talent and skill at the organ, multiplied by your devotion to Christ and effective worship.” Dr. Lloyd John Ogilvie - Former Chaplain: The United States Senate

“You added so much to my life this past Sunday. Your contribution to the morning worship and then the magnificent concert in the evening, gave me profound spiritual renewal. Presbyterian Church - Los Angeles, California

“Indeed, it was a joy having you lead the music portion of Sunday's service. I very much appreciated your artistry and spiritual insight into Word and music. Every person seemed to sit very attentively listening to the melodies and new harmonies that you produced. You had a profound impact on the people gathered. The Presbyterian Church - South Central Kentucky

“The impact of yesterday's worship service and last evening's concert are still ringing in my heart. What a blessing you were to all of us. Thanks for coming to our little church and sharing your gigantic talent for Christ. This was not just a 'world class' concert, but a deeply spiritual 'heavenly-class' sacred concert. Seventh-day Adventist Church - Albany, Oregon

“The inspiration we received from your God-given gift was reflected in the unanimous request that you return. Thank you for your deeply spiritual 'world class' sacred piano concert.” Seventh-day Adventist Church - Yakima, Washington

““Well done, thou good and faithful servant!” After your worship service here with us, God will certainly be saying such praise to you for the choices of scripture and the beautiful piano music. The message of the Scriptures was certainly brought alive with the sounds of music, and the message was inspiring and motivating for all of us. I hope we can arrange to have you return again for another worship service.” Seventh-day Adventist Church - Claremont, California

"On behalf of our church members, we would like to thank you for the beautiful blessings you shared with us yesterday. Your talents on the piano are wonderful. We have a CD of yours playing right now: A Garden of Praise. Thank you." Seventh-day Adventist Church - Fort Wayne, Indiana

“It is my happy pleasure to recommend to you the ministry of Calvin Taylor for your consideration. Here at Whittier, we have a Thanksgiving tradition that goes back more than ten years to look forward to a concert with Calvin. His abilities as a musician are exceptional, and they are exceeded by his unique sensitivity to the spiritual communication of Gospel truths through the medium of music.” College Avenue Church of the Nazarene - Whittier, California

“It was a great service. Calvin's insightful blend of God's Word and piano selections were an inspiration to us all. My wife and I both play and we enjoyed our front row seats. I recommend him and encourage you to consider his ministry for a worship service or an outreach event.” First Church of the Nazarene - New Albany, Indiana

“How much we appreciated your ministry of music with us Sunday evening. It was such a special service. Your gift of music was so used of the Spirit. It was also a real blessing to learn some new choruses which you have written, as well as sing some of the familiar ones. God surely blessed.” Church of the Nazarene - Wasco, California

“Calvin Taylor's ministry and spirit was a joy. After a tremendous Easter morning service, it was as though God had sent this ministry to cause us to pause by a 'spiritual riverside' to refresh! The piano skills were exceptional; but, it was the spirit of the man and his relationship with his Master that melted us all as one. Consider having him. . . . you will be blessed.” First Assembly of God - Bowling Green, Kentucky

“Calvin Taylor's music and message from the Scriptures were truly an inspiration and introduction to grow in our awareness of the many ways we can worship the Living God. His presence and music worked wonderfully in our morning worship setting. His piano arrangements were a celebrative conclusion to his reading of the Good News from the Holy Scriptures. He is particularly effective in having the congregation participate in worship. We praise the Lord always for his charming and inspirational music. His popularity will remain with us as we look forward to his coming again to our church.” Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) - Nicholasville, Kentucky


 “Thank you so very much for coming to our school and presenting your talents in a musical assembly that will long be remembered by our students. I really appreciated the way you were able to give our students mini-history lessons on the origin of many of the songs they heard. Thank you for coming to our school and expanding our horizons. You are not only an outstanding musician; you are a gifted educator also." Imani Christian Academy - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania