Spiritual Suite for Organ

Spiritual Suite for Organ

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot 
I Want Jesus to Walk with Me 
Nobody Knows the Trouble I See
City Called Heaven 
Hold On!

"Yours is the only organ score that is truly note-worthy; cover to cover, beautiful and authentically spiritual. Thanks." — Mrs. J. S., Wisconsin

While the spirituals are well known as a vocal medium and were popularized as such around the world, their inherent melodic beauty transfers naturally to the “King of Instruments.”

The settings of American spirituals contained in these volumes were commissioned by and dedicated to Dr. Marilyn Mason, former University Organist and Chairman of the Organ Department, The University of Michigan. Professor Mason commissioned and premiered over seventy works. Her extensive career as concert organist, lecturer, adjudicator, and teacher carried her throughout the Western world.

46 pages (includes glossary of stops and complete registrations)